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Ramanand's Bio
When Ramanand was 12, his father introduced him to yoga philosophy and asana, and he learned early on to embrace yoga with a childlike joyousness and delight. In 1968, after coming across a few other yoga teachers, Ramanand became a student of Guruji, Yogacharya Shri B.K.S. Iyengar, who profoundly influenced the strength, discipline, deepening, understanding, confidence and enthusiasm of his asana and pranayama practice. Then in 1994 Ramanand intensified his pursuit of truth and knowledge by studying Vedanta philosophy under H.H. Swami Dayananda Saraswati. He also considers J. Krishnamurti to be a major influence on his thinking.

Ramanand's extensive, distinct, and lifelong yoga experiences inform both his yoga practice and his teaching style. He is recognized and respected internationally and many in the yoga community regard him as one of the world's foremost yoga instructors. Ramanand actively encourages both learning and sharing of ideas amongst his students and peers. Furthermore, he is especially skilled as an innovator in the use of props and in working with students who have special needs; however he does not teach therapeutic yoga.

Ramanand has a special interest in the effects of Sound on yoga practice. He offers a number of workshops on Yoga and Sound with his friend, the outstanding North Indian Classical vocalist, Pandit Mukesh Desai, a senior disciple of world renowned Pandit Jasraj.