The China Experience with the healer Master Zhou Hong and Prof. Charles Wong the translator.


Here is a brief description of my experience with this wonderful healer in China. I have had an ongoing challenge with my right shoulder injury from my early childhood in 1944. As a result and because some additional physical stress of carrying a heavy backpack in 1964 my right arm was paralyzed for about eight weeks. Various means have been used including alternative therapy of various kinds. The only one that helped a little was yoga as taught by my teacher Shri B.K.S. Iyengar


To seek more help my dear friends took me to this healer, Master Zhou Hong in Tunxi, in August of 2001. Tunxi is also known as Huangshan City, Anhui, China. I was there with a group of about fifteen people. After I was treated with cupping and given Chi I still found that when lay on my back with the hand behind my head my right elbow could not drop to the ground like the left one did. The healer took extra time to put a needle through my wrist and warm it with moxa. The elbow dropped almost like the good one.


However, over a period some of the yoga movements lead to greater injury to the joint where the cartilage was badly damaged and I needed surgery in June 2006. While the surgery alleviated the immediate pain it also resulted in much greater restriction. I could not straighten my arm whenever I tried to lift it overhead.


With this background I went again to Tunxi in September 2012 with my friend Leslie Howard who also wanted treatment for her particular challenges.


We had three days of treatment.


Day 1: I was seated in a chair and the healer moved and massaged my neck and shoulders very strongly for almost an hour. Some of the movements were quite painful. He was quite amused by the noise coming from the shoulder and decided it was “wind” in the joint and around the scapula. At end of the ordeal however the arm moved much better and I was able to raise the arm to a much greater degree keeping it straight. Leslie who watching the show feeling sorry for my ordeal burst into tears with “oh my God” when arm lifted up. After that did “cupping” at several point on my neck, back and shoulders. After leaving the cups for a while in place he removed them, asked me cough while he tapped on it and drew blood that was dark and he claimed it was stagnant. What was amazing was that he also drew some jello like pieces of flesh but there was no hole in my skin – unbelievable miracle. He applied some paste on it covered it with a large band aid. This was left in place for twenty four hours.


Then it was Leslie’s turn to be treated; this took place in her own bedroom. I was not present but later learned from her that it was painful diagnosis, where the healer concluded that gall bladder and liver were not communicating to each other and hence stressing the kidneys.


Day 2: With band aids removed and more “bad” blood cleaned off I was now ready to receive Chii. With Leslie standing behind me supporting my shoulder he transmitted what felt like 200 volts of electricity first on my hand. Then he repeated it on my finger, only much stronger a current, rather painful. This is shown in the video to perhaps hope that the skeptics may believe it. It was surreal, miraculous and unbelievable. View the video at After giving Chi to Leslie also Master Zhou had to promptly go to the bathroom to throw; it must take a lot of his energy to give this treatment.


Day 3: I received advice on diet and exercise and later went to his clinic to get some herbs.


Day 4: We did some sight seeing and left midday for India, a long, very tiring journey via Seol, Bangkok, Mumbai to Goa. It took twenty two hours but neither of us felt jet lagged. We both attributed it to the Chi we had received.


You can contact Master Zhou Hong by writing to the translator Prof. Charles Charles Wang at Charles is a very friendly and helpful gentleman. He was a most delightful companion.


Recent Update (September 12, 2014): My long time friend Susanne Kemmerer is physiotherapist living in Germany, where she also teaches yoga. She worked on my shoulder with some ayurvedic and other herbs I obtained from Singapore. Basically it was a half hour massage twice each day for twelve days. This seemed to help a little. While the pain is definitely more manageable the arm still cannot straighten fully.